Business owners should always endeavor to make their businesses stand out. That said, trying to gain attention by presenting your business using inconsistent visual, written and verbal messages can make your target audience and others feel uncertain about who you are, what your business represents and why it should be remembered. Consider the top three reasons why uniformity is critical:

Brand recognition

Some businesses use different logo designs on promotional materials or their marketing and social media employees publish content that features conflicting messages or sets different tones. When this happens, these businesses become remembered more for their disorganization and creating confusion than their brand, products and services. Members of their target market often then see these businesses as less attractive and potentially untrustworthy.

Positive experiences

Uniformity also comes into play when you want to create positive experiences for your target audience, followers and website visitors. For example, some businesses cause frustration and promote negative impressions by never creating mobile versions of their websites, or by making their mobile sites too difficult to navigate. Successful businesses use responsive web design ideas. Their mobile websites are easy to use on many different types of mobile devices. Additionally, their sites create a sense of familiarity by having similar brand elements as their non-mobile sites.

Social interactions

Businesses often create their first or most lasting impressions with consumers via social media platforms, review sites, industry forums, article comment sections and other online “social” areas. As a result, it is important that all social profiles contain style elements and information that matches your website. It is also equally important that you and your employees create and follow a guide that outlines how you should behave when interacting with everyone online to prevent mixed and negative messages.

The best way to maintain uniformity is to work with a single firm that can handle every element of your online presence, from logo design and website customization to blog content creation and social media management. Contact our experienced team today to find out how we can help you create an online presence that’s positive, engaging and memorable.