Media marketing management is a job where you have to wear a lot of hats: WordPress expert, search engine optimization guru, social media maven… but did you know that you are also a scientist? Let’s take a step into the laboratory and take a peek behind the curtain to see the science behind the predominance of visual contact marketing.

Humanity is a visual species

The first step to effective digital marketing is to understand your audience. Although the name “audience” alludes to the fact that they are listening, humans are much better equipped to process visual information. In studies by psychologist Albert Mehrabian it was found that over 90% of human communication is nonverbal, and it is easier for people to comprehend a message when it is visually presented than when the same message was more thoroughly explained by way of verbal or textual information. While people can only process text one word, sentence, and paragraph at a time we are capable of processing all elements in an image simultaneously.

Bring science to your marketing

Each visual marketing campaign is like a scientific experiment. You can just attempt something and observe the results, but those results will be more precise if they are building on previous research. Focus not just on capturing your target’s attention, but keeping it. The studies of memory by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus showed that more than half of even the simplest of words fade from memory after an hour (the forgetting curve). Images, however, show a greater percentage of memory retention. When crafting your own marketing experiment, a good place to start may be researching other imagery that has gone viral or videos that have captured the public imagination. You may not have to recreate these phenomena but rather tap into the themes, movements, or even the color that made them so memorable in the first place.

If you have more questions, contact Monster Media today for more data from our laboratory. Our proven marketing formulas and extensive SEO research will help you approach your online marketing and visual content generation like a true science whiz.

Photo: Touch by Hernan Piñera licensed under Creative commons 2