Responsive Web Design

The average American spends 87 hours per month searching the Internet on their smartphone. In 2015, mobile searching officially surpassed desktop or laptop searching. In fact, reports indicated that 31 million Americans accessed the Internet exclusively by a mobile device in 2016.

If your website does not already adjust to whatever platform your potential customer or client is using, you are at least two years behind!

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

When searching for a new product or service, customers will quickly leave your website if it does not work well on their smartphone, tablet, or another device. The average website is not built to be displayed correctly on a mobile device. Instead, it must be optimized to convert automatically to whatever device your customer is using.

When sites are not optimized properly, they are difficult to navigate and use accurately. Some users may not be able to see all of the content.

Responsive web design, also known as adaptive web design, adjusts automatically to meet your clients’ needs when visiting your website. This type of user-friendly web design often keeps potential customers on your site longer, which can ultimately increase sales.

Having mobile friendly web design is also important because search engines will rank your web page based on whether or not it is mobile friendly. That means that having responsive web design is critical to achieving higher search rankings on sites like Google and Bing.


Monster Media’s Responsive Web Design Services

Some responsive web design companies will only cater to certain devices. At Monster Media, our team optimizes your entire website for any smart device. We use the following tools to create the ultimate user-friendly web design experience.

  • Fluid Grids: Flexible grid systems change your website width margins so that they automatically adjust to whatever device your customer is using. There is no unnecessary or annoying scrolling.
  • Fluid Images: Some images may be too large for the smaller screen of the smart device, so our specialized coding converts images so that the photos are never pixelated or look stretched. The scaled sizing also avoids making pictures look overwhelming compared to the text.
  • Media Queries: Our team uses CSS Technology to rearrange content so that it looks professional and effective on any screen size. Content is not removed or left out, and the website looks exactly as intended.

Customers become easily frustrated when they cannot see your content or it is difficult to use. They will immediately move on to a competitor that uses responsive web design correctly. Your website should increase sales, not inhibit them!