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Traditional print or electronic, we have a masterpiece design for you.

In this age of digital technology and online marketing, it’s often easy to forget about traditional print media. But doing so could be harming your marketing efforts. Research shows that 81 percent of people still prefer print media and find it more relaxing to read.

Surprised? You’ll be even more so when you learn that this is true of all age groups. Even if your target audience is under 25 and has grown up with smartphones, using print media marketing could still put you ahead of the game. That’s why it’s a service we continue to offer – we know the competitive edge print media can give you and your company.

Print Media.  No Longer just for printing.

Even though we still design lots of traditional brochures, flyers, and other print media, there is an increasing demand for electronic PDF documents that can be viewed from the client website or emailed to prospective customers.

What’s so special about print?

We’ve all become so used to digital marketing these days that print is more unusual. It will make you stand out from the crowd straight away. Most people still love receiving mail and discovering what’s inside. Few people will throw away a letter without opening it, whereas tons of emails get deleted every day without ever being opened.

Print has an added advantage when it comes to audience engagement. 88 percent of people report understanding and retaining information better when they read it in print on paper instead of on a screen. This too is true of all age groups.

Print and your audience

Printed documents encourage your audience to spend more time with the materials you send out and digest the information properly. The more information they take in, the more interested they will be in your company. You will be uppermost in their minds when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Also, the more of that information they’ve retained, the more they will be able to spread the word about your company and the products and services you provide.

In addition, the old-fashioned nature of print will automatically make people associate you with higher standards and better customer service.


Print and electronic media for every occasion

Our expert team of graphic designers will work with you to create the perfect print media materials to represent your company. From glossy promotional brochures to newsletters, management reports to menus, we will create stylish printed documents that give a memorable impression of your company to the outside world. We can even create and print your company Christmas cards! Using the best quality print materials, we will provide you with innovative printed marketing materials to create the ultimate lasting impression.

And for those who also want the option of electronic media, we can create PDF versions of your print documents, which can be viewed from your website or emailed to prospective clients.

Print media is far from over! Get in touch to find out how we can make it work for you.