Perhaps this is something you haven’t really considered in any depth; let’s face it, you have plenty of other tasks to keep you and your team busy across any typical working day. It’s also not the same as simply having a ‘social media presence’. Many people have said to our team: ‘Yeah, we’re on social media’.

But what does that sometimes mean? We might find an opening burst of enthusiasm, but the attention paid to that presence over time quickly diminishes. The outcome can actually be a position on social media that harms, rather than helps, a business. It can appear off the pace if postings have dried up, or if, say, the last entry wishes a Happy Christmas and is still doing so at the end of January!

This is the bleak landscape of that poorly or even unmanaged social media presence. Which brings us to the changes that paying constant and professional attention to a company’s presence across such key locations as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can provide. Here are five of the key benefits of working with a skilled social media management provider…

1. Working to a clearly defined and constantly developing social media marketing strategy – rather than simply having that uncontrolled and perhaps outdated ‘presence’.

2. Enjoying the services of a dedicated and experienced content creator; rather than this being one of many tasks, and perhaps a neglected duty, delegated to a usually hard-pressed member of the company staff.

3. The provision of constant updates across the different social media sites, yet also bringing all the content together into a consistent and seamless presentation.

4. Delivering a cohesive series of daily posts or tweets, together with the vibrant addition of regular image updates and additions; making sure that the social media presence is alive and current – one that draws potential and current customers to it on a regular basis.

5. Regular and professional monitoring of the social media sites; noting, dealing with, and adding to, the range of public responses gained by the postings placed. Posted compliments can be promoted, questions answered, suggestions noted, and complaints attended to.

The above actions deliver a vibrant social media managed presence, one that is approved of by those exposed to it, while proving of maximum value to the company or organisation itself. If this is how you’d like your social media marketing to be, please talk to one of our dedicated Monster Media team on 704.893.8000 right now.