Marketing is a frenetic machine. What works now will not always work later. It is an industry built on constant creativity and the generation of new ideas. Because of this, clients look to their marketing department/consultants as the experts who will help them make the best decisions for their company. Success with clients has the unintended side effect of lulling marketers to sleep. Auto-pilot has crashed many marketing campaigns, so it is vital to stay current on what is developing in the industry so you are able to provide current intelligence on the best strategies to implement. The ideas below will provide insight on how to stay abreast of what is developing in the marketing world.

1. Idea creation

This is one of the biggest issues facing marketers today – repackaged ideas presented as something new. Not only does this demonstrate a lack of effort, but worse, it wastes the time and money that your clients have invested in you. There are millions of great ideas out there that have great residual results. Game changers and industry altering ideas are few and far between, rather than focusing on generating a monumental idea, take inventory on what your company’s strengths are, then find parallels in the industry. From here, find out how you can maximize your value to your clients and give them ideas that are relevant and more importantly applicable to their business. The best marketing is not responding to client’s needs. The best marketing is fulfilling their needs before they even know they have them.

2. Auditing

There is a bad tendency among marketers to believe they know exactly what to do at all times when it comes to the business and executing for clients. One of the best ways to predict problems for customers is to first, make sure your business and processes are functioning at the highest level. Consider hiring an outside firm to take a hard look at your business and attempt to find areas of opportunity. Having a team with no bias or allegiance to your company ensures the most accurate findings. Fresh eyes always see glaring opportunities old eyes miss.

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