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As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in all the components of digital marketing. From website development to social media advertising, you work hard to connect with your audience and enhance your revenue stream. But these advertising and marketing channels are not the only way you can showcase your brand.

Mobile apps represent a hugely popular aspect of all device interaction. And they’re only continuing to surge forward in popularity.

  • Mobile Users Interact with Apps 89% of the Time They are Using Their Devices
  • 64% of Mobile Users are Positively Influenced by Apps with Loyalty Programs and Incentives
  • Up to 60% of Mobile Users Enable Push Notifications…
  • …and 40% of Those Users Immediately Open the Apps with Notifications

With over 7 billion active mobile devices in the world, you can see the connection between apps and improved business potential. If you’re unfamiliar in the world of mobile app design and development, you have nothing to worry about! The team at Monster Media is ready to help you get started in this lucrative business sector.

Mobile App Design Services

At Monster Media, superior design leads the way in everything we do. From website development to social media marketing campaigns, we take the time to create industry-leading designs which yield the best possible results.

We adhere to this same principle within your mobile app design phase.

Our job is to take your ideas, your vision, and your brand identity and transform these ideas into one intuitive, functional mobile design. We accomplish this in 3 primary design phases:

Streamlined App Development or DIY

Once we move into the software development lifecycle (SDLC), we’ll take everything we’ve learned and planned during the design phase and use it as the fuel to build your mobile app. This intensive phase will vary in its timeline based on the following 2 factors:

1. Size/Scope of Application

2. Platforms (Android, Apple, Multi-Platform)

As we transform your ideas into your mobile app, we’re here to answer any of your questions. We’ll handle all the logistics and development tasks. But we also encourage you to remain involved throughout the development, stabilization, and QA processes.

Monster Media: The Best Choice for Your Business

We don’t think of you as just another customer. Instead, we partner with you with the same goal you have: make your business thrive.

Monster Media: Turning Ideas into Solutions

No matter the size or scope of your app, let the team at Monster Media bring you the help you need in its design and development. Our customizable options mean that you can get the exact services you need – at a rate which fits your budget. And that’s good news for every business.

If you’re ready to dive into the app market, get in touch with us today at 704.893.8000 and learn about all the great ways we can make it easy for you. You’ll quickly learn why Monster Media is your partner in transforming your great idea into a dynamic and intuitive mobile app.