3 tips for harnessing the power of agile marketing

Agile marketing is becoming an imperative in today’s fast-paced world. But why do businesses have to be so nimble? The answer is simple. In times of digital disruption, companies have to respond very quickly to changing market conditions and shifting consumer sentiment. What does it mean to be an agile marketer? To begin with, it [...]

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Imagine a world without professional social media management

Perhaps this is something you haven't really considered in any depth; let's face it, you have plenty of other tasks to keep you and your team busy across any typical working day. It's also not the same as simply having a 'social media presence'. Many people have said to our team: 'Yeah, we're on social [...]

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4 reasons why email is a vital component to your digital marketing strategy

In the vast landscape of digital marketing, the focus has been predominantly placed on SEO, the anatomy of your website page, and social media content. Email, however, has been making a comeback like never before because it has a unique ability to nurture strong relationships with existing customers and leads. If your digital marketing strategy [...]

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How data and analytics drive effective digital marketing

Marketing has always been in equal parts art and science, but the science has become increasingly hard and detailed in recent years. Digital marketing allows you to put hard data to work in a big way, and help you make the profits you desire. 1. Segmentation Market segmentation has always been an important concept for [...]

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The science behind visual marketing

Media marketing management is a job where you have to wear a lot of hats: WordPress expert, search engine optimization guru, social media maven... but did you know that you are also a scientist? Let's take a step into the laboratory and take a peek behind the curtain to see the science behind the predominance [...]

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3 steps to make your digital marketing swing for the fences

Who knew that digital marketing was just like batting practice? It turns out that the same advice that your little league coach gave you as you were stepping on home plate can also help you hit a home run with your online promotional efforts. Don't believe me? Listen to these three steps that will change [...]

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5 core areas driving effective marketing

Effective digital marketing relies upon a firm foundation; while there’s something of art and even luck to any marketing, the combination of savvy gatekeepers, informed consumers and advanced marketing tools have come together to form a certain set of universal guidelines any savvy business should be following. To make sure your marketing does what it [...]

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7 steps to a growth-focused marketing campaign

Marketing shouldn’t be about making a sale today—it should be about making as many sales as possible in the years to come. Here are seven traits you’ll find in any effective growth-focused digital marketing campaign: Quantifiable goals Good goals make good plans, which is why any digital marketing campaign aimed at growth needs to set [...]

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5 traits to look for in an effective digital marketing team

Choosing an effective digital marketing team only grows more and more difficult as the industry grows saturated with ineffective teams using dubious or outdated approaches. To find a team to aid you in healthy, effective long term marketing development, look for these five traits. 1. A focus on healthy growth Don’t work with any team [...]

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How smarter gatekeepers have changed digital marketing

Digital marketing has always been strongly tied to the gatekeepers of the time—and for quite some time, that’s meant Google and the social media networks. The ongoing dominance of Google, Facebook, and their peers hasn’t led to a stagnation in digital marketing, however. Instead, the increased sophistication of the algorithms behind each gatekeeper has caused [...]

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