5 reasons full-service digital marketing makes sense today

Many companies have recently made the move from in-house digital marketing to embracing a full-service marketing firm. Today, we’ll look at five reasons they’re making the leap. 1) The rapid evolution of digital marketing Digital marketing has always been a fast-changing environment, a trend which only promises to continue in the months and years to [...]

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Search engine optimization without gap analysis accomplishes little

Plenty of marketing companies advertise their search engine optimization strategies, social media management prowess, and corporate identity honing. However, if they neglect to perform an in-depth gap analysis, can they deliver? And if they cannot, can you afford to work with them? Understanding the Gap Analysis Search engine results pages (SERPs) spell out in detail [...]

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Are you content with your content?

'It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it.' This is an often-used saying, accepted by many as a great truth. Yet for content writing, it's wide of the mark. To correct this, simply reword to: 'It is what you say, and it is the way that you say it.' Let's look [...]

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Why uniformity across all channels matters

Business owners should always endeavor to make their businesses stand out. That said, trying to gain attention by presenting your business using inconsistent visual, written and verbal messages can make your target audience and others feel uncertain about who you are, what your business represents and why it should be remembered. Consider the top three [...]

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5 considerations for a multi-channel marketing campaign

Interested in the potential of a unified marketing campaign implementing social media outreach, paid advertising, and inbound marketing best practices? If so, you'll want to take careful note of these five points of consideration--nail these down, and you'll see amazing final results. Professional management Any multi-channel marketing campaign requires, above all else, a sensible, coherent, [...]

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Social media management boosts your corporate identity

Customers visiting your social media presence learn about your corporate identity. But how does your company present itself to the public? What image does your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest presence convey? If posts and responses are rare, you appear inattentive. Social media management can counteract this potential blemish to your identity. More than Social Media [...]

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What you need to know about social media management platforms

Social media now plays a crucial role in the marketing strategies for most brands. The processes of listening, engaging with a community and advertising have also become more complex. In a large company, the team responsible for those tasks will need to coordinate their efforts; in a small company, those tasks may fall to one [...]

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How to stay abreast of what is happening in the marketing world

Marketing is a frenetic machine. What works now will not always work later. It is an industry built on constant creativity and the generation of new ideas. Because of this, clients look to their marketing department/consultants as the experts who will help them make the best decisions for their company. Success with clients has the [...]

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3 reasons why your marketing isn’t marketable

Marketing and frustration go hand in hand. There are an innumerable amount of ideas that have failed in spite of once being thought of as certain successes. Marketing in large part is a guessing game. An arena where hypotheses are developed in the hopes of getting people to support your business and the product being [...]

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Why marketing helps small businesses compete with the giants

It is no secret that marketing is a powerful tool. While that is easy enough to say, there is a little more to the statement than meets the eye. Marketing is a broad term, and as technology evolves, marketing mavens find new and more efficient ways to approach potential customers. It is this innovation that [...]

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