‘It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it.’ This is an often-used saying, accepted by many as a great truth. Yet for content writing, it’s wide of the mark. To correct this, simply reword to: ‘It is what you say, and it is the way that you say it.’ Let’s look at each of the two aspects and how they impact on the message your online presence presents…

It is what you say

Imagine that moment when visitors first arrive at your website, most often as the result of a search, or perhaps a recommendation or link provided by someone they know. They have a clear reason for doing so, and also have expectations that you will provide the help and information they require.

Therefore, what you say should be geared to the reasons such people have for making that connection. This is why, for example, content on specific landing pages, each tailored to a key reason for that visit, immediately connects with those first-timers.

If the content they find is generic, or doesn’t talk to them, they have a simple recourse: to return to their search and head elsewhere. Simply put, it’s so easy to lose customers you never even knew you might have had!

It is the way that you say it

Even if the focus of such content writing is spot-on, how the actual information is then presented can lead to success or cause harm. Dangers include the use of too much unexplained jargon, easily understood by experts, but off-putting to many less experienced customers.

When companies create their own content, another worry is that the author’s deep understanding means that vital, even basic, information can be assumed to be known by all who read it.

Equally, if the content itself hits the mark, a third difficulty can arise if it’s not presented in a simple, direct and swift way, across all accessing devices, allowing searchers to quickly understand, and then move on through the website to take the steps you would want them to.

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