Marketing shouldn’t be about making a sale today—it should be about making as many sales as possible in the years to come. Here are seven traits you’ll find in any effective growth-focused digital marketing campaign:

Quantifiable goals

Good goals make good plans, which is why any digital marketing campaign aimed at growth needs to set measurable goals for improvement. That means figuring out which metrics tie most directly to your goals as a business, then using those as the benchmark of marketing performance. Good goals should be challenging to reach, but not unreasonable.


Marketing works best for everyone when it’s delivered as a coordinated effort. That means sales and marketing working together. It means growth goals that extend through every part of the company, not separate goals in each department. Your right hand shouldn’t be undermining your left hand, accidentally or intentionally.

Strong branding

Every business says they’re the best, that they’re special, that they’re unique amongst their peers. None of that sticks. You need something truly unique in your branding; a viewpoint, a story, a business model that catches the mind. But that doesn’t mean you have to overthink it: something as simple as a sense of humor in a stodgy industry or dedicated professionalism in a casual one can work wonders.

Offers value

Marketing that offers value helps a business grow in a way that marketing which only seeks to manipulate prospects cannot. It’s increasingly important to processes like search engine optimization in particular that you offer real value because the gatekeepers of the internet are getting better at identifying useless sites and blacklisting them.

Focused on customer satisfaction

Happy customers grow businesses in good times and keep them healthy in bad times. You don’t want neutral customers who don’t really care that they bought from you, nor do you want customers who liked the product but will go elsewhere for a better customer experience. For many growth-oriented marketing campaigns, customer satisfaction should be a metric of as much importance as cost-per-lead.


This is actually a part of building a good customer experience, but it warrants separate mention. A good marketing campaign can’t stop at the sale because the buying process doesn’t end at the sale. The purchase cycle actually ends with buyer’s remorse. You want to build your campaign to produce clients who are satisfied with their purchase even when the doubt kicks in.


Without data, your marketing campaign cannot improve in a meaningful, consistent way. You won’t be able to identify new market segments worth exploring or refine the focus of your resources to generate higher-value leads. You need a strong data and analytics backing for your marketing, period.

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