Choosing an effective digital marketing team only grows more and more difficult as the industry grows saturated with ineffective teams using dubious or outdated approaches. To find a team to aid you in healthy, effective long term marketing development, look for these five traits.

1. A focus on healthy growth

Don’t work with any team promising lightning fast results using tricks and manipulation of tech. Those don’t work anymore – they haven’t for a while, and companies that used to use them have seen their profits drop off a cliff in the face of increasingly smart algorithms at Google, Facebook and other gatekeepers. You want to build a natural place for yourself online, one that can weather any storm peacefully because it’s legitimately built.

2. Versatility

Digital marketing requires nearly as much breadth of knowledge as depth these days. To deliver an effective campaign, you need web design, SEO, social marketing, PPC management and a host of other skills. Beyond that, you need people who can generate quality content for different audiences across different mediums. In other words, you need a well-equipped team that can do it all.

3. Keep informed

A good marketing agency stays informed, because little changes have big impacts on digital marketing. A small change to the Facebook news feed algorithm or the way Google treats backlinks can completely upend your marketing. You need a team that plans ahead based on news, rather than reacting after the fact.

4. Leverage tools effectively

Data collection, analytics, and automation are all increasingly important in marketing. A company that doesn’t use the tools available to maximize the use of resources, enhance response rates, and improve the quality of your leads isn’t worth working with. You should also be alert to the tech-enamored marketers without enough experience to use those tools properly.

5. Experience

There are some lessons only experience can teach – a fresh team of clever marketers may do a lot for your company, but they’ll make a lot of missteps, too. If you want a clear path to success, you want to work with marketers who’ve made their mistakes and learned their lessons already.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that matches these traits, Monster Media will be glad to assist you. We care about getting things right, so we pay attention to a healthy development of your brand, stay alert to new opportunities, and capitalize on them with maximum efficiency. We’ll help you achieve everything your organization could hope to be in every channel, from search engine optimization to print materials.