Many companies have recently made the move from in-house digital marketing to embracing a full-service marketing firm. Today, we’ll look at five reasons they’re making the leap.

1) The rapid evolution of digital marketing

Digital marketing has always been a fast-changing environment, a trend which only promises to continue in the months and years to come. With the landscape changing so fast—and the consequences of those changes becoming more immediate, more significant with each update to Google, Facebook, and other hubs of the web—it’s quickly become a full-time job just to keep up with the latest techniques and tactics.

2) The breadth of required skill sets

Modern digital marketing requires real content created for a variety of channels. You can’t succeed well with a one-man marketing team because there simply isn’t enough time in the day for a single marketer to produce worthwhile social media content, blog content, video content, and other content while also keeping up with the hard data and strategy aspects of the job.

3) Cost-efficient upkeep

Digital marketing requires fairly variable amounts of attention over time, which makes it difficult to keep in-house efficiently. If you keep a small team, you rely upon outsiders on a regular basis when you need to make rapid changes, which often results in inefficiencies, mistakes, and other headaches. If you keep a big team, there will be periods of time when you’re paying team members simply to keep themselves busy with little to no real work to be done. Outsourcing to a full-service firm gets you the benefits of a large team without paying for the downtime.

4) The depth of knowledge required

The growing complexity of digital marketing also means that marketing has more depth to it today than ever before. Working with a team that’s handled digital marketing for a variety of clients with a variety of circumstances means you end up with more experience on your side—important if you ever decide to change tactics or have the market shift beneath you.

5) Versatility

Want to expand? Want to refocus resources? It’s difficult if you’re handling everything in-house, but it’s as simple as a discussion with your marketing firm if you’ve invested in a full-service digital marketing team. Market shifts, competitor actions, changes in company goals – all of these are easier to handle with an outside team capable of molding to your needs. Contact Monster Media today to find out more.