If you’ve paid any attention to digital marketing in recent years, you’ve probably heard the word ‘content’ so many times it’s stopped making sense. That’s because every aspect of modern digital marketing thrives best on a steady supply of original, high-quality content. The days of tricking search engines with over-optimized keywords and domain names are long in the past. Here are just a few of the reasons content should now be at the core of your strategy:

1. Smarter gatekeepers

People ‘start’ their internet browsing on certain sites: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Once upon a time, rudimentary manipulation could give a site tons of traffic from these gatekeepers. Not any longer. Increasingly advanced algorithms make sure these sites now show their guests what they really want to see. That means the easiest way to get traffic from these sources is to offer up excellent content.

2. Experience-driven consumers

Consumers are increasingly as interested in the experience around a product, as much as the product or service itself. Millennials, in particular, will pay a premium for a worthwhile experience. By delivering top-notch original content, you make visiting your site and buying from you more experience-rich than the competitors. That’s worth a lot more than you may initially realize.

3. Shaping word-of-mouth

Want people to say nice things about you? Say interesting things about subjects they care about. It’s much healthier for your brand to have people discussing your latest video or article out in the wild, instead of the only mention of you being negative – people are far more eager to complain about difficulties with a product than praise one that does the job right. You don’t want your corporate identity to be wholly shaped by unhappy customers.

4. Flexibility

Content-based marketing is incredibly flexible. You can slot content marketing into nearly any other strategy with perfect synergy, you can rapidly tweak your content to appeal to a shifting market, or divide your content into different funnels for different market segments. It’s simply too versatile a tool to ignore.

5. Efficiency

Content does everything and it does everything well. It generates leads, it improves authority, it builds positive word-of-mouth, it draws the natural backlinks you need for excellent SEO. You can get everything you need for a healthy digital marketing campaign by putting resources into content.

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