In the vast landscape of digital marketing, the focus has been predominantly placed on SEO, the anatomy of your website page, and social media content. Email, however, has been making a comeback like never before because it has a unique ability to nurture strong relationships with existing customers and leads. If your digital marketing strategy has not been taking advantage of all that email can do, it is time to get on board to stay abreast of your competition. To get you motivated, here are 4 reasons why email is a vital component to your digital marketing strategy.

1. Email is Prolific

According to recent statistics by Hubspot, there are more than 4.3 billion email accounts in the world right now. Of this number, over 90% of these users check their email daily. This means that email has incredible potential to personally connect with anyone who opts in to hear more about your business or product.

2. Email is Portable

The email of the mid-90s and early 2000s was often restricted to a stationary desktop computer and occasionally connected to dial-up internet. The email of 2017, however, is instantly sent to cell phones and tablets, reaching your customers anytime and anywhere. This expedience and highly personalized experience allow your company to engage with your prospect in a way unique to other platforms and marketing methods.

3. Email is Preferred

According to Hubspot researchers, 77% of existing customers prefer email marketing to other methods. Email is something customers opt into and so the content within is generally something the recipient wants to read. When your target audience is receptive to your messages, you have a highly effective way to promote your brand and nurture great relationships.

4. Email is Profitable

Once your customers are plugged into your emails, they are more likely to stay connected and continue to use your goods or services. In fact, email can give you an excellent ROI without much initial investment. Email doesn’t involve as much risk of loss since your subscribers are already on board with your product and brand. Having a long relationship with customers increases their LTV (lifetime value).

Just because email is one of the oldest methods of digital marketing doesn’t mean that it is antiquated. Take heed of these four facts and start optimizing your email marketing campaign today, or contact us at Monster Media to see how we can help.

Photo: At Sign by Steve Snodgrass licensed under Creative commons 2