Agile marketing is becoming an imperative in today’s fast-paced world. But why do businesses have to be so nimble? The answer is simple. In times of digital disruption, companies have to respond very quickly to changing market conditions and shifting consumer sentiment.

What does it mean to be an agile marketer? To begin with, it means adopting the tools and techniques that will help you engage customers on the most opportune channels and also at the most relevant times.

Accomplishing this goal requires an agile mindset. Specifically, it means:

1). Employing cloud-based analytics so that you have insight into your customers and can anticipate their needs. Put simply, harnessing the power of Big Data is essential if you want to be able to reach potential customers with the right offer, on the right channel, at the right time.

2). Tapping the power of CRM solutions to build brand loyalty and encourage digital word of mouth. Nowadays, trust in traditional advertising is low. However, consumers are putting greater faith in peer reviews and product buzz shared on social media. If you can turn consumers into brand advocates, then you’ll harness a very powerful trend. In short, creating a great experience through customer service can be an extension of your marketing efforts.

3). Speed-of-life engagement is critical. Today’s customers have very short attention spans. You have to capture their interest very quickly. Otherwise, they’ll simply move on. Is your company crafting messages that work well on mobile? Are you reaching them with timely offers that are relevant to them?

Tech-tools allow businesses to respond more quickly to changing circumstances. They also level the playing field because cutting-edge cloud-based marketing solutions are affordable to companies of virtually any size.

Mobile devices and a profusion of different channels and platforms have made customers harder to reach and capture. Nevertheless, savvy businesses employing agile marketing techniques will be in the best position to adapt to the new social media marketing and e-commerce landscapes.

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