Who knew that digital marketing was just like batting practice? It turns out that the same advice that your little league coach gave you as you were stepping on home plate can also help you hit a home run with your online promotional efforts. Don’t believe me? Listen to these three steps that will change your mind.

Keep your eye on the ball

Likely the first thing coach ever told you, it should stay in the forefront of your digital strategy. What is your goal? Who, specifically, do you want to reach? A blanket strategy that tries to target everyone is like a wild swing, likely to reach no one. The more that you can determine who it is that you want to reach the easier it will be to use existing data and analytics to formulate the best way to build a winning campaign.

Commit to your rhythm

When you are in your stance, you can’t stand still. Tense up your muscles like a statue and you will surely pay for it when the ball is pitched. A good digital marketing campaign needs to be dynamic, committing to its movement and never standing still and waiting for its audience to come to you. Every method of marketing – whether it is video content, direct email or social media – needs to move with purpose.

Step into your swing

Be aware of the strength of your brand. Whatever that greatest strength happens to be is what will give force to your swing. It may be tempting to think of strengths as weaknesses that you happen to lack, but always lead with what you do best. Lead with the one thing that the competition cannot bring to the table. When you lead with your strongest attribute as a brand you won’t be surprised when you hear the crack of the bat that will start your campaign’s run around the bases.

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