Marketing and frustration go hand in hand. There are an innumerable amount of ideas that have failed in spite of once being thought of as certain successes. Marketing in large part is a guessing game. An arena where hypotheses are developed in the hopes of getting people to support your business and the product being promoted.

Here we put together the common traps many marketers fall into. By steering clear of these, you can formulate strategies to make a greater impact on your customers.

1. You spread yourself too thin

This is truly an information age concerning social media marketing. Anything you could find about is just a few seconds away. Your company is in fierce competition for the attention of consumers. When researching your customers, what often happens is a list is compiled of the top social media sites they utilize. Armed with this information, you post your content across all social sites thinking that going where they are will generate engagement. What many marketers find out is that engagement typically increases a little bit initially, then over time it drops off. Why? The premise is the same as the ice cream truck to little kids. Hearing the music from afar would make kids drop whatever they were doing, run to their parents begging desperately for a dollar so they could get some ice cream. Why? They didn’t want to MISS the ice cream truck. The ice cream truck doesn’t run every day. It generates an intense demand because of its rarity. Your content may not generate the intense reaction from people as the ice cream truck did/does for children, but the lesson is clear. The more you’re seen, the less value you appear to have.

2. You sound like everyone else

There is nothing new under the sun. To you it may seem like the best marketing idea since Old Spice reinvigorated itself with its “The Man your Man could smell like” campaign, but it has been done in one form or another. So how do you overcome the longstanding over-saturation? Be yourself. This may seem anticlimactic, but it’s true. People can tell when you’re not being genuine and they grow to dislike you for doing so. If you’re not confident enough to be yourself, why should they be confident enough to invest in you when it’s not you?

3. You’re not there for them enough

You have run your algorithms, studied tirelessly what the tendencies are of your audience and you have optimized the best time to capitalize on your potential customers and their availability. You have one problem, even after all of this research, your content is not going viral. How could it be with your proven methods, that people still are not responding and they are not beating down your door to get what you have to offer? The answer is, they know exactly what you are doing. You post at the “best” time and then you disappear until the next “best” time arrives. As marketers, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we are smarter than those we’re marketing to on a daily basis. In many instances, we do have a greater grasp of marketing than the public, but staying in that vein of thinking for too long leads to missteps. Like a car salesman who is only interested in getting you into the car “that’s right for you”, is your optimized blog post sent purely for the purpose of engagement and not solving a problem for the customer. The people you are marketing to see through your “valuable content” for what it truly is, a way for you to impress your boss and meet metrics that don’t translate into real-world success.

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